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Disc / Circular / Round / Slitting Machine Knife Series

Cutting material : Lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide,cobalt oxide, ternary , Etc
Used material : Ultra-fine tungsten carbide powder , high speed steel powder
Working life : According to the material and equipment, generally 150,000 m - 300,000 m
Use for : Used by lithium battery cut
Hardness : 90-91 HRA

⊙All products are can be customized according to your blueprint

There are more than one thousand kinds of round blades for slitting machine. The blades are mainly used for slitting paper, paper tube, paper carton, leather, textile, rubber and plastic, cutting pipe, woodworking, electronic, film, gold, silver foil, copper foil, aluminum foil, tape and other articles.Its choice of materials and precision, according to the cut products also have higher requirements.

Materials: tungsten steel, SKD-11, SKH-51, D2, M2, etc.

Machining accuracy:

Concentricity: within 0.02m

Flatness: within 0.01 mm

Round runout: within 0.01mm

Finish (Ra) : 0.2

Perpendicularity: 0.1

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