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Lithium Battery Industry

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  • Die-cutting Mold Series
    Used for cutting special die lithium battery positive and negative pole piece forming punching moulds, this product is specially processed for slitting-cut and press-cut with high requirements in lithium battery industry. Long service life, high cost performance, fast speed, the total life of cutting edge is not less than 20 million times.

    ⊙ All products can be customized accoding to customer's blueprint
  • Non-Standard / Custom-Made Series
    Custom-Made knife manufacturer,Non-Standard knife manufacturer
  • Spacer Bush/ Slitting Gasket Series
    Material : S136
    Working life : Depends on the time of the cut
    Use for : For slitting machine
    Hardness : HRC 52-53

    ⊙All products are can be customized according to your blueprint
  • Toothed / Serrated Machine Knife Series
    Cutting material : Tape, insulating paper, Dry film, Wet film, ceramic membrane
    Material : Tungsten steel / High speed steel / High speed steel powder / High-carbon steel
    Working life : Above 1,000,000 times
    Use for : Tape, winding machine
    Machining precision : Above Chinese F level

    ⊙All products are can be customized according to your blueprint
  • Disc / Circular / Round / Slitting Machine Knife Series
    Cutting material : Lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide,cobalt oxide, ternary , Etc
    Used material : Ultra-fine tungsten carbide powder , high speed steel powder
    Working life : According to the material and equipment, generally 150,000 m - 300,000 m
    Use for : Used by lithium battery cut
    Hardness : 90-91 HRA

    ⊙All products are can be customized according to your blueprint
  • Straight / Long Shape Knife Series
    Various materials are available: high speed steel, tungsten steel, carbon steel, tool steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, insert steel, insert alloy, hard alloy, edge steel
    The use of imported materials, including chromium, zinc, titanium plating to increase the service life and hardness of the tool, can be customized according to customer requirements of the material processing.
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