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Spacer Bush/ Slitting Gasket Series

Material : S136
Working life : Depends on the time of the cut
Use for : For slitting machine
Hardness : HRC 52-53

⊙All products are can be customized according to your blueprint

There are two main functions:

In the middle of the mounting bearing (angular contact bearing), the clearance and preloading of the bearing can be adjusted;

Outside the bearing, through the spacer sleeve, can make the locking nut compression bearing inner ring force is more uniform, can also protect the bearing from damage, installation is also more ample space to screw the nut, good under the wrench, and the general nut by flat pad compression effect is similar;On the other hand, the oil seal can be installed outside the spacer ring, which also protects the shaft from oil seal wear.

The purpose of using the blade spacer sleeve is to maintain a certain width between the slitting circular knives, and the thickness of the common blade sleeve is between 0.6mm and 180mm for the adjustment of knife to knife and horizontal clearance.The gasket is made of wear-resisting material through forging, machining, heat treatment, leveling and grinding

Material selection: 45# / S136

HRC value quenching hardness: HRC45 ° to 52 ° for fitness.Hardness varies according to the material

Tolerance: 0.001mm and other customized processing.

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