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Toothed / Serrated Machine Knife Series

Cutting material : Tape, insulating paper, Dry film, Wet film, ceramic membrane
Material : Tungsten steel / High speed steel / High speed steel powder / High-carbon steel
Working life : Above 1,000,000 times
Use for : Tape, winding machine
Machining precision : Above Chinese F level

⊙All products are can be customized according to your blueprint

Toothed blade is mainly used for packing machine, feeding machine, material packing machine, bag making machine, box sealing machine, tape, etc.Blade including tooth type packaging machinery, paper roll hobbing zigzag knife, serrated knife, plastic film roll use serrated blade, serrated blade, blade strip type tooth shape blade, zigzag cutting knife, drug bag zigzag knife, serrated knife plate, metal zigzag knife tooth blade, corrugated type blade, cutting machine, printing zigzag blade, furl tooth type blade, long tooth type machine blade, long serrated blade, long serrated knife, tooth blade oblong, oblong, serrated blade, zigzag cut bag sealing type cutting knife, serrated knife, cold cutting machine cutting blades, etc.

Blade types: crocodile teeth, wave teeth, moon teeth, straight teeth, triangular teeth and so on.

Material selection: tungsten steel, SKH51, SKD11, SKS9, D2, Cr12Mov

A wide variety of tooth blade types and specifications, some industries of tooth blade products in stock supply, non-standard tooth blade products can be provided according to customer drawings, specifications and blade materials,

HRC value quenching hardness: HRC52 ° to 65 ° for fitness.Hardness varies according to the material

Tolerance: 0.002mm and other customized processing.

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