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Baucor uses a wide variety of high quality materials to manufacture its industrial blades, machine knives and surgical blades. No matter what industry you are in, we can craft the best knives and blades made from high quality materials specifically selected for your application. If you need advice on what material should be used for your new blades, we can help you select the right material to get the most out of your knives and blades. Whether you are in packaging, film or paper converting industry or a doctor who seeks to get better results with a newly designed scalpel, our engineers can help choose the best material for your applications. Our blades are made from material that include D2 tool steel, M2 high speed steel (HSS), Tungsten Carbide grades, 300 and 400 stainless steels, specialty CPM materials such as M4 and A11, and so on.

Depending on your application, a knife blade specialist should help you choose the best suited material for your cutting operations.

Please see the information below that is necessary for the best assessment of the material needed for your cutting operations.

The material properties that need to be considered when choosing the right material for your application: 

  Carbon: Forms carbides, increases wear resistance, and responsible for the basic matrix hardness. 
  Tungsten and Molybdenum: Improve red hardness, retention of hardness and high temperature strength of the matrix, form special carbides of great hardness.
  Vanadium: Forms special carbides of supreme hardness, increase high temperature wear resistance, retention of hardness and high temperature strength of the matrix.
  Chromium: Promotes depth hardening, produces readily soluble carbides.
  Cobalt: Improves red hardness and retention of hardness of the matrix.
  Aluminum: Improves retention of hardness and red hardness.

Influence of alloying elements on the material properties: 

  Toughness
  Wear and Corrosion Resistance
  Shape Control during Heat Treat
  Edge Characteristics
  Cost and Availability of the Material in the Market

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